Palominas Computers: Services Offered

Services Offered

Is your computer under attack? Is your desktop or laptop is slowing down because of a virus?  

You need our knowledgeable techs to get your machine back up to speed! 

Our experts can diagnose your problems and find the best possible solution within a 24-hours! 

Leave the details to us. It's okay if you're not a computer genius - that's why we're here! 

When your machine is acting up or just running slower than you'd like it to, bring it straight to us for a fast, effective fix!

  • We help you keep your computer running smoothly by providing :
      • Repairs
      • Remote assistance
      • Viruses
      • Spyware
      • Malware

      • Information recovery
      • Disaster protection
      • Network security
      • Hardware repairs
      • Refurbishing

  • Complete "Re-do" Service: Consists of wiping your HD clean, re-installing the operating system and the most recent version of all drivers for your machine.  We make sure your computer is fully updated and protected against virus' and spyware.  All for one flat rate price!  

  • Virus Scan and Cleanup

  • Tune Up

  • Basic Hourly Rate

  • Minimum Charge

  • Virus Scan and Removal with Advanced Tune Up                            

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