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The Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 offers vastly superior performance and a much improved design compared with last year's LifeCam NX-3000 model. The VX-5000 features a square shaped camera body on top of a bendable, rubber stand, which makes it easy to position on your laptop, LCD, or desk. Underneath the hood, the VX-5000 received a new image sensor and lens that results in stellar image quality, particularly in low light. 

 the VX-5000 features a standard VGA sensor that captures 640x480 video and still images (it can also snap 1.3-megapixel stills through software interpolation). What's changed, however, is the size of the pixels on the camera's sensor. According to Microsoft, the pixels are 2.4 times larger than the NX-3000's.

Review of the Asus K53U
The Asus K53U-SX105D is the perfect choice for both work and play. The notebook uses the new AMD Brazos technology for improved performance and comes with some unique extras such as the IceCool technology that keeps the palm rest area cool.

Hard disk
Display size
Optical device
AMD Dual-Core C-50 1.00GHz
15.6 inches
Free DOS
2.60 kg

This and every laptop comes with a Targus CUL700
Urban Slip case w/ shoulder strap :

Review of the TP-LINK TL-WN781ND 

Wireless PCI Express Adapter

TP-LINK TL-WN781ND is designed to provide a complete end-to-end wireless performance from the server or server backbone to the switch infrastructure and down through to the desktop with the PCI Express connector. TL-WN781ND Wireless Lite N PCI Express(x1) Adapter provides a wider compatibility, fitting with any standard PCI Express slot, x1, x4, x8, or x16. Compared with standard PCI network cards, it offers increased bandwidth, reliability and more functionality, allowing you to enjoy a fast and advanced connection, such as downloading, making internet call and video streaming.

TL-WN781ND features Quick Security Setup (QSS) function, which is ideal for creating an efficient and safe connection to prevent outside intrusion, and meanwhile maximize the management resources. With the external and detachable antennas, the TL-WN781ND can fit different operation environment and guarantee the easy installation. 

The device comes with an auto-run CD that provides information about completing the internet connection step by step, which is quickly and hassle-free for any users, especially for novice users.

The keyboard and mouse work on a common wireless USB dongle and are pre-paired, so there is absolutely no need to go through the procedure of connecting each device. The wireless USB dongle is the size of a regular pen drive, though we expected to see a micro USB dongle in the package instead of this one. Simply plug in the USB dongle and the PC will automatically load up the necessary drivers. Once the drivers are installed, you can go ahead and use the keyboard and mouse instantly. The operating distance is around 10 meters.

The built-in power saving feature will act and cut off the power when no activity is detected for a prolonged period of time. Logitech claims that the maximum battery life is almost 24 months for the keyboard and around five months for the mouse, depending on the usage. This assures additional savings on consumables.

Multimedia keys are neatly placed in a single line in the top area, allowing one-touch access to audio controls, Internet, email, calculator and PC shutdown. The stands on the bottom open up to create an 8 degree angle for good typing comfort. The keys are well spaced and large enough for comfortable and ergonomic typing. Though the keys are tactile, they are slightly harder than a conventional keyboard’s keys. The keyboard is designed to be spill-proof, with exit holes provided at the bottom for any liquid that accidentally spills over the keys to drain out. Though the keyboard is very light, the bottom features a set of rubber stubs for good grip over the table surface when typing. 

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The Cisco Valet Plus will change the way you think of setting up a home network in a big way. Not only is it the easiest to use wireless router that we've seen, but it also offers great range and wireless throughput performance, and it comes with a very handy tool to control your network. It also includes a parental control feature.

Design and setup
Unlike any wireless routers we've seen before, the Cisco Valet Plus comes in a fancy-looking, yet simple package. Inside, you'll find the router, a network cable, the power adapter, and the Easy Setup Key. There's no manual or software CD; this is all you need to get started.
The setup process is as simple as it gets. You plug the Easy Setup Key--a 1GB USB thumb drive that contains Cisco Connect software--into a computer, PC or Mac, and follow the instructions. The first time, the instructions will include steps to connect the computer to the router, plug it into the power, and turn it on, etc.
We were also very happy with the Cisco Valet Plus' range. The router was able to hold a stable connection up to 280 feet away in our test environment. This is one of the longest ranges we've seen and the longest among all Cisco home routers we've tested.

What Bryan Birtwell, owner of Palominas Computers, likes most about Cisco products is that he doesn't get phone calls. That's right, phone calls from customers who have difficulties with set up or other issues. And that's a God send for a busy computer doctor.

"Blues" Fender

It's an All Parts Bullet neck... 
The body may or may not be Fender.  
Bridge is "large block" Fender Trem bridge.  
Seymour Duncan 'Jeff Beck' pickup set.  
Coil taps are "push/pull" tone controls.  
Feels exactly like my '79 Strat.  
Was $795 
Now $600

Classic Hamer Guitar for sale!

1973 Hamer Special on sale at Palominas Computers. Flat maple top, Was the last time to be hand carved in Chica. The original Seymour Duncans really makes this guitar a tone "King". Of course, with 40 years of age, there will be some wear and tear. In this case there is the proverbial belt buckle markings on the back, and a cosmetic ding on the neck. Other than that, this girl looks great for 40 years of rocking and rolling. Price on this is $1800.00

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