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We've Got Your Guitar!

Dillion DR450
Carved Maple top, Semi-hollow

Pick ups are '57 Classic Humbuckers, 
sweet sweet sound that complements a hollow body

The bridge is a Wilkenson, a high quality bridge. 
The original bridge is included
Asking price: $598.00

Gibson SG special bone stock
$795 OBO

Dean Hardtail only 200 were made, this is #65

Mahogany body (what a great slab of tiger eye maple)

Ebony neck fingerboard with Beautiful 12th fret inlay

Comes with a sturdy but thin case, and...

Guitar strap included
Asking price: $1800

 Les Paul Studio Tuxedo

Mahogany body, maple cap and ebony finger board
$795 OBO

1980 Dean Z coupe

Bridge was replaced but the original is included
Mighty Might pickups

1996 Tropical Dean (made in Florida)

Seymore Duncans

Not the original case

"Buzz Feiten Tuning System Nut" nut, which helps eliminate intonation throughout the neck. Original nut still in case.

Fender midnight blue 2002 year model

Original pickups $379

2002 USA made honey blonde

Lace sensor gold pickups 

1979 Fender strat

Hand wound "Tall Boy" Rio Grande pickups:

Some modifications:
Dunlop strap lock; Pick guard to match pickups
and Sperzel locking tuners:

Time worn paint from normal loving use, 
along with divots on the fret-board

Comes with a new fender case

It's an All Parts Bullet neck... 
The body may or may not be Fender.  
Bridge is "large block" Fender Trem bridge.  
Seymour Duncan 'Jeff Beck' pickup set.  
Coil taps are "push/pull" tone controls.  
Feels exactly like my '79 Strat.  
Was $795 
Now $600

Dean 2008 Cadillac guitar. 
Seymore Duncan's comes with hardshell case $595

Epiphone Riviera TQ 1997 guitar with hardshell case. 
Repaired neck, perfectly stable. Stays in perfect tune. $395

Washburn Custom HB Zebrawood Limited, series 1 
by Boogie Street manufactures. 
Tone Pro Hardware, Grover Emperor tuners, 
Seymore Duncans w/ coil tap switch.
#43 of 50 made. Comes with papers of authenticity. 
$1495 OBO w/ case

Malibu SCR NAT Fender Acoustic with hard shell case. 
Fishman pickups under the neck and bridge. Built in tuner. $395 SOLD

AXL strat $249 no case

All guitar purchases go out with new strings, 
clean fret-board and full setup

Orange Crush 35LDX, 35 watts, 
complete with tuner, 
and 16 effects $279

Crate V-15 15 watt tubes that has that vox sound, 
with spring coil reverb. 12" speaker

1964 Fender Tremelux Amp, Tube rectifier; 50 watts 
$500 Sold

Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor

The Boss GT-6 Guitar Effects Processor gives you 30 amp models, plus COSM distortion/overdrive/wah pedal modeling. Includes effects such as Uni-V and De-Fretter, plus superb 24-bit sound quality. 340 effects programs give it more versatility than any pedal in its class and a customize function allows you to create your own tonal wrinkles. 15 analog-style knobs for editing commonly used parameters and an EZ Tone feature for quickly creating custom patches based on 30 templates. Uses built-in expression and control pedals to alter effects in real time.

Ibanez bass SB1900LE model

All guitars and bass guitars leave the shop with new strings, truss rod adjusted, frets hand polished, fret board cleaned, 
intonation adjusted, as well as string height.

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